Sunday, 17 August 2014

News from Austria, Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia

Start of the Austrian WASPA League

Austria: The Austrian WASPA League ( is starting soon. This new project will include tournaments held in several cities and hosted by different clubs all around Austria. For more details you can contact Thomas Eppensteiner at
Here is the agenda of the first events to come:
22.08.2014, 18.00 Uhr. Pfarrwiesenstraße 23, 1140 Wien (Regional).
24.08.2014, 10.00 Uhr. Pfarrwiesenstraße 23, 1140 Wien (Promotional).
14.09.2014, 10.00 Uhr.  ASKÖ Ballsport Center Bernoullistraße, 1220 Wien (Regional).
18.10.2014, 10.00. Franz Wallner Tischfussball Zentrum, 1220 Wien (Regional).
15.11.2014, 10.00. Tenniscenter Skarics, 2482 Ebreichsdorf (Regional).

Annual Toongabbie tournament

Australia: Last year, Alex Jennings was able to fluke his way through two penalty shootouts to take glory in the annual September Cup Subbuteo Tournament from under the noses of former champions Phillip Parker and Adrian Elmer. Costa Kamarados and his Greeks put in a great run to the semi-finals while new boys and girls, Jono Wilkes, Brontë Scott, Dan Wilkes, Imojjen Elmer and Paul Gorjan learned a lesson or two along the way.

Last season, for the first time, the tournament also gained the recognition of the World Amateur Subbuteo Players Association (WASPA) earning competitors world ranking points. With the added exposure that ensued, this season’s September Cup has the added interest of fellow Subbuteo enthusiasts from around NSW, meaning the competition will be heating up.

In keeping with the heritage of the tournament, competitors will only be permitted to compete using original Subbuteo figures and all matches will be played on glorious, original nylon Subbuteo pitches.

Flick off is at 3pm and there will be pizza, so bring along a few dollars as well as a drink.
Entry to the tournament is free.
The tournament is open to all players regardless of age, gender or Subbuteo experience. New players are always welcome and there’s plenty of equipment to borrow if you don’t have your own.
The tournament will be held at Adrian’s house in Toongabbie. If you don’t know the address, send message to Adrian at

Facebook event page –

First club in Indonesia

Indonesia: our friend Jamie Kong, the organizer of the Hartamas Tigers club in Kuala Lumpur, is happy to announce that there is a new TF Club, the Batavia Garudas of Jakarta, Indonesia. "Mr. Majee is the Founder and have been with us since the Revive World Cup in June 2014. I am pleased that the Revive tournament has resulted the birth of new Clubs and continue to inspire the growth of table football everywhere in Malaysia and even to Indonesia now. It is our hope that in time by end of 2015, we will be able to host the first Asian Champions League, a FISTF International Open with inclusion of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. As such it will be good to have open communication on events and sharing of local news of the sport in each country. ", reported Jamie Kong.

contact information:
Batavia Garudas Klub Bolasepak Meja
Jl. Tanah Kusir 2, No.7 Arteri Pondok Indah
Jakarta 12240, Indonesia
Contact no: +62217398201
Founder: Mr. Majee

New club in Malaysia

Malaysia: in the meantime, Jamie Kong has also informed us that there is a new Subbuteo Club based in the city of Kuatan. Good luck to the involed players for the new project.