Saturday, 2 August 2014

A nice win for Enrico Guidi

On July 30th, the Table Soccer Club Black Rose ’98 Roma ( and  organized a WASPA Tournament at the “Black Rose Training Center” located in Fiumicino (Rome), Via delle Lampare 5.

It was a very nice evening tournament with 20 players (4 Under 15) attended for the fourth 2014 Black tournament. They were representative of two Italian Subbuteo associations (T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma and S.S. Lazio T.F.C.). Two players were ready to win: Enrico Guidi and Simone Trivelli.
The T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma decided to organize a tournament under the Swiss system so all players could play five games. At the end of the fifth round Enrico Guidi have collected 15 points. At the second place we find Luigi Barone at 10 points. For the third place it was necessary to calculate the value opponents and the bronze medal was for Marco De Berardinis (the surprise of the tournament) followed by Stefano Tagliaferri and Simone Trivelli at 9 points.

Starting to next September, T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma will organize other W.A.S.P.A. tournaments looking at the different needs (materials and rules) of F.I.S.T.F. and Subbuteo players.
See you soon!

(Report from TSC Black Rose)