Friday, 8 August 2014

Paul Andreas wins the final tournament of the season in Cyprus

On Thursday, August 7, the last tournament of the season was played in Cyprus. 20 players were taking part and there were some big games. Paul Andreas, who currently lives in England, was attending and proved to be the most experienced player. Paul beat Marcos Kalopsidiotis in the final (1-0 in sudden death). Marcos was in a great day as well as he beat Giorgos Zangylos in the semi-final. Sofoklis Mougis was the surprising other semi-finalist as he beat Giannis Zenonos in the last 8 round.

As it was the last tournament of the national circuit, the final standings are known. Georgios Zangylos wins the circuit with 92 points while Marcos Kalopsidiotis has 66 and Kostas Kalopsidiotis 61. 42 players are ranked! Int he ranking of clubs, Famagusta TFC wins the circuit with 210, Salamis Famagusta has 208, Phoenix Famagusta 136, Erimi Limassol 27, Nicosia Strikers 3 and Limassol City TFC 1.

There will be another national circuit in Cyprus next season. Right now, the season is not really over in Cyprus as there will be 2 FISTF Opens on August 23 and 30.

Once again, the WASPA circuit would love to congratulate Mr Zangylos for the amazing efforts to promote and develop Subbuteo table football in Cyprus.