Monday, 4 August 2014

Monthly report of the WASPA circuit (July 2014)

Dear all, here is the monthly report of the WASPA circuit after the 16 tournaments held in July. We had 15 regional events and 1 promotional tournament.

Events have been held in several countries in Europe, Oceania, Asia and North America. We had a French winner in Singapore and some players visiting clubs in different countries like a Spanish player in Belgium of Swiss players in the US.
Ouabi Rouis played with a broken arm in Singapore
This month some players played their first WASPA tournament ever and we have now 1367 ranked players from 37 nations.

As the new season will start in September, I would like to hear ideas on how to improve the WASPA circuit. Your opinion is welcome about:
- how to have more tournaments involved?
- how to have more players involved?
- what statistics and rankings should be added or improved?
- is it too complicated to run WASPA events in terms of administration?
Continued development at the Flaming Flickers club in Greece
Please keep in mind you only need 3 players to run a WASPA tournament. Don't hesitate to send your tournament requests to

Please also note the news are updated on a very regular base on the blog

Well done also to FISTF for their new improved website at

Have a great week and a great summer!