Saturday, 30 August 2014

Enrico Demutti wins in Savona

Savona hosted the first edition of the "Pentagonale Ponente Garage" on the evening of August 28th. Ponente Savona Club is growing very rapidly (at the moment, It has 15 members), and the strength of players is interesting now. Enrico Demutti won his third WASPA tournement, beating a dangerous Franco Bochicchio (4-1) in the second round, scoring 13 goals during the whole evening. Franco Bochicchio was second, only for scored goals, Davide Ammirato (a really good tournement for him) was third, Puppo and Bo completed the list of players.

Final ranking
1. Enrico Demutti 6 points
2. Franco Bochicchio 6 points
3. Davized Ammirato 5 points
4. Roberto Puppo 2 points
5. Massimo Bo 1 point