Friday, 15 August 2014

Ilias Gikas wins in Chicago

The "Wednesday Night Chicago Area Subbuteo Club (CASC) Bouts" are in the books. This ASA / WASPA tournament was played at the Sweetland Grounds on Wednesday, August 13 and was a simple four person, round robin format including Ilias Gikas, Tim Tumminaro, Jamie Zacharda and Chris Sweetland.

We had an absolute blast!! The Sweetland Grounds featured a new basement venue (as opposed to my family room) which was well received! Additionally, the evening featured Jamie's visit to the Chicago area and a wonderful house warming gift of Revolution Anti-hero IPA, compliments of Jamie. Great to see you again Jamie and we look forward to your next visit to the area! You are obviously well-mentored in the game by your east coast friends!

The competition was intense with no real runaway goals. Ilias and Tim were definitely on their games which did not bode well for Jamie and myself!! We got knocked around a bit. It is noteworthy that there were a lot of goose eggs on the losing sides of the ledger....interesting! Below are the results.

Match Scores:
Jamie 1 Chris 1
Ilias 3 Jamie 0
Ilias 2 Tim 0
Tim 2 Chris 0
Ilias 2 Chris 0
Tim 0 Jamie 2

Ilias - 9 pts - GD +7
Jamie - 4 pts - GD -1
Tim - 3 pts - GD -2
Chris - 1 pts - GD -4

(Report by Chris Sweetland)