Thursday, 28 August 2014

News from around the world

England: Small event in Couldson
A small event was held on August 22 in Couldson. Couldson SC were allowed to hold their second tournament of the summer in the same month. The event consisted of a small but dedicated group of three players, Colin Lindsey, Gerald Brightwell and Lee Fenton. The games reached a new level of intensity, as Lee Fenton, started using the Haka before his games, to heighten his intensity and concentration and to physce out his opponents before matches started. Gerald Brightwell, again finished as the winner, with the scores  Colin 1-2 Lee, Colin 0-1 Gerald, Gerald 1-0 Lee, Colin 2-2 Lee, Colin 0-0 Colin, Gerald 2-0 Lee, Gerald 2-0 Lee. All games were very VERY close, and could have gone either way with chances both missed and saved by all players. Gerald commented that both Lee and Colin have devolped considerably over the summer and now play with an intensity and now have developed 'The eye of the Tiger in their games' (Report sent by Lee Fenton)

Greece: Second event at Blades TSC
During his holidays in Greece, Steve Bennett (Scotland) had the chance to meet some players of the greek club Blade TSC in Heraklion. Two small events were held. This time again, Steve proved to be the most experienced player and won the tournament. Hopefully the club of Blade TSC will host more WASPA events in the future with their members.

Hungary: Support for a new club
The new club "Hungária Subbuteo Club" is trying to get funds or material to create something strong in Budapest. The founder, Adrián Száki, is hoping to get help from many people and he has already launched an Internet page to boost interest.

Austria: Experience pays
The first event of the "Austrian WASPA League" took place last week in Vienna. The winner of the tournament was no "Mr Nobody". Erich Hinkelmann (right on the picture) is currently ranked number 3 in the FISTF Veterans ranking and Erich is also a former number 1. It was great to see such a big champion sharing his love for the game with younger and newer players.

Belgium: A globe-Trotter in Japan
Stéphane Lambert (right on the picture) is not only one of the most active players on the WASPA circuit. The Antwerp player is also a real globe-trotter. The member of the English club "Kent Invicta" took part in the FISTF Grand Prix of Japan last week-end and reached the semi-finals. He was the only player to travel from Europe for the tournament.

Indonesia: let's start flicking!
The new club of "Batavia Garudas" started playing this week, once the first table of the club was built. The club member at training for the upcoming Merdeka tournament in Kuala Lumpur. Good luck to them!

Wales: Tournament in Cardiff
The Cardiff Bluebirds TFC will have a tournament on September 1. It will be the first WASPA event in the country since April 2013. Interested players can contact John Lauder at

Scotland: First event of the season
There will be a tournament in Arbroath organized by the Tayside Kickers on September 7. This will be the first tournament of the season in Scotland. Contact Steve Bennett at for info.

USA: Great job in Georgia
On the Facebook page of the Aerican Subbuteo Association, Sean Mann reported "Subbuteo Club met today for our first meeting of the year at Greenbrier High School in Evans, GA. This is our 6th year. We had 21 kids packed into my classroom with 3 tables going. Looks good for Augusta Subbuteo's plans to host a Nov 8th tourney. 9 freshman joined the GHS Subbuteo club including my son Miko."
Congratulations for the amazing job!

USA: Our thoughts for California
A tournament was in the agenda in Petaluma (in the San Francisco area) last sunday. As you probably know, there was an earthquake in Northern California. Despite some players finally met, no tournament was held as everybody had the earthquake in mind. Our thoughts go to those who had damages. In these moments, subbuteo is certainly not a priority for all and there will be better days!

USA: Visit at Hercules SC
The great Zach Walker visited the newly-born Hercules SC this week and shared his experience and love for the game with Ilias Gikas and Tim Tumminaro.

Canada: action in Montreal
The "Club de Subbuteo de Montréal" is one of the smallest clubs in the world with only two players. Aydin Mir and Pierre Chastenais met this week and played three games. They will start their club league in September and really hope to find more players.

Statistics: Italy on top!
Since September 1, 2013, 246 tournaments have already been organized under WASPA banner. Italy was the main organizer with 53 tournaments (whille England and Belgium held 33 events). Rome (9) and Fiumicino (6) have been the 2 hot places. The challenge for the new season is to see more regular series and hopefully more tournaments in cioties like Bari, Firenze, Catanzaro, Genova, Macerata, Manoppello, Pescara, Viareggio,... Hopefully more clubs and more cities will join the WASPA circuit. Any help to try to get Italian clubs involved woud be appreciated!

WASPA Facebook group
We have reached the amazing number of more than 1400 members. Thanks to everyone for the great support.

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