Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kaspar Bennett visits subbuteo players in Malaysia

Kaspar (right) in the premises of the Hartamas Tigers
This week-end, the Hartamas Tigers club in Malaysia had the honord to meet one of the world's top players as Kaspar Bennett from England was visiting the local players in their premises. "We are excited and he is an excellent player and also a great coach. We are learning more about FISTF tournaments and rules now that we have the good fortune of meeting him", reported Jamie Kong, the local organizer.

Kaspar and Mike Dent
Things are moving in the right direction in Malaysia as new groups of players are being formed. "We have a few new members and a company with 4 players. I am helping tow new clubs to be organized in other cities. One is in Penang island, the other one in Kuantan, in the East coast. The club in Penang is in a game cafe just across the University os Sciences. The one in Kuantan is in a fitness and gym center", added Jamie Kong who is very enthusiast about the chances to have a first WASPA tournament in May.