Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A good show with 11 players in Chile

Last saturday, 11 players attended the "Autumn Cup" in Valdivia (chile). It was a very international tournament as there were representatives from Colombia, Ecuador and New zealand taking part. The event was played in three groups, the winner of each group qualified for the final round. Ignacio López, who had the chance to meet players in Australia a few months ago, took the honors. Well done Ignacio!
Carolina Fonseca (from Colombia), Suzanne Hodgkinson (from New Zealand) and Manuel Gallardo (from Chile)

The whole group (First row from left to right: Carlos Polanco (Ecuador), Jaime Cabanilla (Ecuador), Sergio Vallejos (Chile), Emilia López (Chile). Second row: Annemarie Mohr (Chile, supporter), Laura López (Chile), Teresa López (Chile, supporter), Antonio Gallardo (Chile). Third row: Ignacio López (Chile), Suzanne Hodgkinson (New Zealand), Carolina Fonseca (Colombia) and Manuel Gallardo (Chile). Alejandro Claude is not in the photo

First row (from left to right): Antonio Gallardo (Chile), Manuel Gallardo (Chile), Carolina Fonseca (Colombia), Carlos Polanco (Ecuador), Jaime Cabanilla (Ecuador), Teresa López (Chile, supporter),  Ignacio López (Chile). Second row: Laura López (Chile),  Sergio Vallejos (Chile), Emilia López (Chile)  and Suzanne Hodgkinson (New Zealand)

The winner of the tournament: Ignacio López (Chile)