Monday, 21 April 2014

First WASPA win for Ismael Pardo in Madrid

The Subbuteo FutbolchapasStore Cup was held in Móstoles, on the outskirts of Madrid, on the 12th April 2014. Nine players took part in the event, four of them were U19. Only Subbuteo bases were accepted. Isma Pardo beat Juan Carlos Pendolero in the final. It's the first WASPA win for Ismael Pardo in his second tournament. In his first tournament he played he lost the final against Jose Carlos Guerrero. This was the second time that Ismael Pardo played against Juan Carlos Pendolero and in both matches, Ismael started loosing and got back in. There were two U-19 players in the final podium, Juan Rubio and Mario Chamorro. This was the first time playing table football for Mario Chamorro, who did an amazing performance in his first WASPA appereance.

(Report by Juan Rubio)