Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Hat-Trick of wins for Chessray Jooste

Saturday 12 April 2014, Pretoria, South Africa : A long day in Pretoria as 20 matches were played, with 5 participants playing each other twice in a "home and away" format, ensuring each player got to play 8 games on the day ! The Prize : the 2014 PFC LEAGUE 2 TOURNAMENT CUP. Chessray got off to a bad start, losing 0-1 to Adrian, with Adrian playing a "keep ball" type of tactic, depriving Chessray of any possession throughout the entire match ! Julian got off to flyer, disposing of Kegan by 4-0 and then a 1-0 win over Adrian to go top of the standings during Round 1 matches. The last match-up of Round 1, Julian (0) v (2) Jayden, saw Julian slump to his first defeat, with Jayden going top on goal difference by the end of Round 1. Halfway through Round 1, Kegan changed the bases on his players and he started scoring goals again !
So much was expected from Adrian, but after his opening 1-0 victory over Chessray he could only add 3 draws to his overall tally.
The event really came to life during Round 2 as Chessray posted a massive 4-1 win over Julian, followed by a 3-0 win over Jayden, thereby taking the lead by virtue of goal difference over Jayden. In the penultimate match Chessray (1) v (2) Kegan, a draw would have secured the title for Chessray, but Kegan saved his best for last as he took a 2-0 lead to try and "spoil Chessray's party" and from then on Chessray was under all sorts of pressure  until he managed to score an all important goal with 1min 13sec left to play ! In the final match-up Jayden (2) v (0) Julian, the mission was clear - Jayden had to win by 3 goals and force the event into a final play-off match, but in the end the 2-0 result ensured that Chessray won his 3rd successive title for 2014 - by the slightest of margins (1 goal) !!!
A great day of Subbuteo fun and action overall, as 45 goals were scored in total.
Next event on the PFC Calendar : the 2014 PFC CHALLENGE CUP on Saturday 17th May 2014.

Final Standings
1. Chessray Jooste
2. Jayden vd Merwe
3. Julian vd Merwe
4. Kegan vd Merwe
5. Adrian Otto

(Report by Julian van der Merwe)

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