Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Eliot Kennedy and Tan Yew Loy winners in Australia

Some news from Australia where there was Subbuteo action in both Sydney and Perth in December.

2nd annual Christmas Binge tournament

For the second year running, Western Sydney Subbuteo closed out the year with a tournament squished into that wasteland between Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve, just to keep everyone in celebration mode. Four hardy competitors dragged themselves and their extra kilos off their couches to take part.

Steve - Geoff - Eliot - Adrian
In the opening round of matches Geoff played a brilliant defensive game, only for Eliot to settle in and squeeze a winner later in the game. Meanwhile Steve's first half lead was cancelled out by a second half equaliser from Adrian during a riveting draw. The second round saw Geoff take an early lead keeping up his impressive displays...for half a game at least. Steve took command in the second half and slotted home 4 unanswered goals. Meanwhile, on the other table, Eliot commanded possession, as expected, but Adrian defended stoutly, keeping clear chances to a minimum, until 45 seconds before half time, when Eliot finally got into clear space and slotted home comfortably. The second half provided great entertainment as Eliot searched for the sealing goal, opening up his defense in the process. This gave Adrian space on the counter and he began to trouble Eliot. Then , in the evening's most spectacular moment, Eliot wound back the clock to 1977. After one too many attacking flicks went awry, he picked up the offending figure and hurled it across Good Games, reminding everyone of how he got a reputation as an emotional firebrand is his younger years. Adrian later managed an equaliser which cheered Eliot up no end.

Which meant that 3 players were still in with a chance to win the tournament heading into the final game. Adrian partly did his part, with a 1 goal victory over Geoff, but the woodwork continually hindered him from building up the goal difference he really needed. Steve and Eliot were still scoreless at the break in their game, with everything still in the balance. A goal part way through the second half, however, was enough to confirm the title for Eliot.

Steve 1 - 1 Adrian
Geoff 0 - 1 Eliot

Eliot 1 - 1 Adrian
Steve 4 - 1 Geoff

Steve 0 - 1 Eliot
Geoff 0 - 1 Adrian

Final standings:
1. Eliot Kennedy
2. Adrian Elmer
3. Steve Dettre
4. Geoff Sirmai

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Tan Yew Loy winner in Perth

A bit earlier in the month, Tan Yew Loy won the monthly Perth tournament. The Singapore player eneded on top of a group of 5 while Alan Kimber was runner-up.

Final standings:
1. Tan Yew Loy
2. Alan Kimber
3. Hugh Best
4. Ron Byrne
5. Chris Thorn

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