Thursday, 2 January 2020

30th birthday of the Templeuve United club

A special logo for the birthday of the club
In December, the Templeuve United players celebrated the 30th birthday of the club. It was indeed in December 1989 that 2 teenagers of the small Belgian village (population of 3500) started their own club.
Final 4 of the promotional event: Benjamin Marain - Sébastien Dohet - Daniel Boistelle - Giulio Bonfanti
The club had a national tournament on December 21 with 22 players taking part. The "C category" was a WASPA promotional tournament with 10 players competing. There were 2 groups of five, semi-finals and consolation games. Sébastien Dohet (USC Huy) won his very first tournament after defeating Daniel Boistelle (Wamme SC) in a close final (1-0). Giulio Bonfanti (Wamme) and U12 player Benjamin Marain (Templeuve) made it to the semi-finals.
Templeuve players after the national tournament
The rest of the table was as follows:
5. Jean-Luc Platiaux (Templeuve)
6. Eric Caillaux (France/Templeuve)
7. Sébastien Sorge (France/Templeuve)
8. Esteban Boistelle (Wamme)
9. Didier Moons (Templeuve)
10. Jordan Bonte (Templeuve)

Players at the regional tournament
A few days later, on December 27, the monthly "regional" tournament had a small turnout of 7. The tournament was played in Swiss system and geoffrey marain was the winner once again. The good news is that there were visitors coming to see the games with possible new players for the future meetings.

Final standings of the régional tournament:
1. Geoffrey Marain
2. Matthias Averlant
3. Vincent Coppenolle
4. Didier Moons
5. Renald Deloose
6. Arthur Clique
7. Jordan Bonte

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