Saturday, 25 January 2020

Old rules are back in Italy

Our friends from TSC Black Rose 98 Roma sent us fantatsic news to confirm that their "Extreme Works Series" are being played under WASPA banner. The tournaments are played with the old rules and the first two stages have recently been held in Fiumicino, home of the Black Rose club.

The first stage took place in November with 23 players attending the "Autumn Championship". Players were dropped in four groups with every players being given the chance to play knock-out games to decide the winners in the main event and in the consolation rounds. Andrea Strazza defeated Federico Milan (2-1) in the final to claim the titles. Semi-finalists were Michele Giudice and Luigi Arena. Massimo Garbuglia won the consolation for the 9th place while Luca Periccioli won the consolation tournament for the 17th place.

On January 19, the TSC Black Rose 98 Roma organized the "WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP", second round of the "SUBBUTEO OLD RULES" “EW SERIES" 2019/2020. It was a very nice tournament with 30 competitors, the furthest coming from Bari and Verona (as in the first round).  Those present were divided int
o 8 groups of 4 players. The top two finishers from each group faced a knockout round to enter the master tournament (first level) or to the cadet tournament (second level). Same situation for the last two classified in each group called to a knockout round to establish who would play in the challenge tournament (third level) and who in the future tournament (fourth level). In this way all participants were able to play at least 5 games and this is one of the target of Black Rose Roma tournaments.

The winner of the "WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP" was, as happened in the first round, Andrea Strazza (Black Rose Roma). He played 6 games with 6 wins, 16 goals scored and none conceded. A victory, however, more difficult than it might seem. Behing him the EW Series debutant Andrea Balestrucci able to eliminate Federico Milan, the finalist of the EW Series first round (november 2019). Lower step of the podium for Roberto Mazzucchi and Rodolfo Miccoli.

The winner of the "Cadet Tournament" was Alessandro Laurenzi, runner up Massimiliano Painelli. The winner of the "Challenge Tournament" was Andrea Bevilacqua and the runner up was Luca Periccioli, the youngest tournament player (11 years old). The "Future Tournament" was won by Michele Romanazzi while the silver medal was won by Francesco D’Amico.

Full results and pictures here

You can find the details of the results, the rankings and other photos or documents  following this link: or

In the months to come TSC Black Rose 98 Roma will organize other EW SERIES and WASPA tournaments.
- March 22, 2020: EW SERIES SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP in Fiumicino
- April 25, 2020: EW SERIES SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP in Fiumicino
- June 7, 2020 WIMBLEROME 2020 in Fiumicino (*)
(*) to be confirmed

Thanks to all the participants. See you soon!

(report by TSC Black Rose 98 Roma)

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