Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Italy: results from Borgo Vercelli and Firenze

Riccardo Bruno receives his award for his victory
Italy has been active in the WASPA circuit in December with tournaments held in Borgo Vercelli and Firenze.

The Christmas Cup in Borgo Vercelli had two categories in the books. The Open section consisted in a group of five with Riccardo Bruno finishing on top to claim his first WASPA title.

Open category standings:
1. Riccardo Bruno
2. Ferdinando Marino
3. Andrea Gennari
4. Gabriele Montaldi
5. Alberto Cirio

The Junior players together during the presentation of prizes

Alessandro Cirio
receives his medal
from Paolo Milan
The Junior section had a turnout of 6 players with a group stage and then knock-out games. Alessandro Cirio defeated Edoardo Montaldi in the final (2-1) while Marco Tagliavini won the game for the third place against Gabriele Saveriano. Matteo Comello won the game for the 5th place against Edoardo Beccati.

Thanks to Andrea Lessona for the good work to organize the event!

Luigi Di Vito (Eagles Napoli) winner in Firenze

In Firenze, the local club had the visit of Luigi Di Vito in the beginning of the month and the tournament organized under WASPA banner was played in Swiss system by 9 players. Luigi Di Vito proved to be the best player after winning three game and sharing points against local organizer Marco Bonciani.

Final standings of the Firenze tournament:
1. Luigi Di Vito
2. Gabriele Casati
3. Matteo Cherici
4. Stefano Barducci
5. Mirko Masini
6. Marco Bonciani
7. Francesco Gori
8. Tiberio Becucci
9. Mirko Pasquini

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