Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Jon Henning Bergane and Christian Schulze win first WASPA events in Norway

Jon Henning Bergane (on the left) Astro Cup 2019 winner. On the right is Frode Ellefsen who was the main organizer of the tournament together with Terje Ellefsen and Svein Arne Brekke. Photo taken by Martin Eikeland.
Last week-end was a very important date for the WASPA circuit as the first WASPA tournaments in Norway took place in Kragerø. over the week-end, two tournaments with seven players each but a total of 11 different players were held. It was nice to see representatives of different Norwegian clubs as Kragerø BFK, Skien Wildcats, TFC Wildgrizzlys but also Yorkshire Phoenix (England).

The "AstroCup '19" (for "elite" players) saw the domination of national Legend Jon Henning Bergane who defeated Svein Arne Brekke in the final while semi-finalists were Christian Schulze and Terje Ellefsen.

The "Lumbago Cup '19" (for beginners and players making a comeback) had Christian Schulze dominating the games and winning the final against Birger Hokholdt (2-1). Semi-finalists were Geir Kristian Aabøe and Fredrik Sørensen.

Both tournaments counted as NBFF events but also got WASPA status as decided by the Kragerø BFK representatives.

Also the big news in Norway is that Norwegian table football players now have a new president: Thomas Flaaten Fredriksen. The whole community has to thank Anders Grorud for his 26 years as president of the NBFF.

Link to the official article: http://bordfotball.no/article/1506

Huge thanks to Terje Ellefsen for making things happen and for the constructive talks with WASPA. We hope to see more events like this in the future in Norway!

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