Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Terje Ellefsen wins Romjulscup in Norway

Sørensen (on the left) and Schjølberg. The luckiest price winners

Brekke (left) against Schjølberg
The "Romjulscup '19" was played on the 28th of December in Kragerø, Norway. Organizers decided to go for a NBFF+WASPA tournament again. It was a very nice tournament played in a round robin format. Hosts had sponsored prices for all players that were randomly picked. The most lucky one was Sørensen who won a cruise for 4 people from Larvik to Bergen with Fjordline. Second most lucky was Schjølberg who won a wireless charger for cellphone. :-) The most exciting match was probably the narrow 4-3 win for Brekke against Sørensen. Sørensen who made a comeback last month after 10 years away from the sport is already showing signs of old greatness. Sørensen was the junior Champion of Norway in 1994 and played in the Paris World Cup the same year. It will be very interesting to see how his form develops in the coming weeks and months. The two other comeback players F. Ellefsen and Schølberg plus the beginner Aabøe are also making good progress for every game.

Finals standings:
1. Terje Ellefsen (Kragerø BFK)
2. Svein Arne Brekke (Skien Wildcats)
3. Fredrik Sørensen (Kragerø BFK)
4. Frode Ellefsen (Kragerø BFK)
5. Geir Kristian Aabøe (Kragerø BFK)
6. Kenneth Schjølberg (Kragerø BFK)

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