Monday, 21 October 2019

TFAS League in Singapore - October results

October TFAS league session had lots of table Football activities, unfortunately only 4 played in this month’s competitive games.

The dedicated players notably Bernard, Anas, Vikas & Rudy battled each other in a round robin format for bragging rights for this month. In the end, the victor was Rudy who secured full points. Anas came in 2nd followed by Bernard & Vikas. Once again Rudy & Anas are tied at TOP spot in the TFAS league with equal points.

Stay tuned for the last session on 10th November 19 to decide 2019 TFAS league winner.

Anas 1 - 4 Rudy
Vikas 1 - 3 Bernard
Bernard 0 - 1 Rudy
Anas 4 - 0 Vikas
Anas 1 - 0 Bernard
Rudy 4 - 2 Vikas

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