Monday, 28 October 2019

Results of Belgian events in Templeuve - Bande - Tournai

Here is a quick look at some results from Belgium where three events have recently been held.

Final 3 of the event: Matthias Averlant (2) - Geoffrey Marain (1) - Michaël Dupret (3)
The Templeuve United tournament took place on October 18 with this time a small turnout of six but it was a good night for everybody as all players had five games. In the end Geoffrey Marain took the honors to claim another title.

Final table:
1. Geoffrey Marain (AS Hennuyer)
2. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
3. Michaël Dupret (MT Tournai)
4. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
5. Didier Moons (unattached)
6. Benjamin Marain (Templeuve)

Presentation of the prizes in Bande
During the national tournament of Bande, 8 players played the consolation tournament under WASPA banner and Delphine Dieudonné, the legend of ladies subbuteo, claimed her first WASPA trophy after defeating Rochefort TS's Loris Léonard in the final.

Delphine Dieudonné - Christophe Hubert 4-0
Antonio Timpano - William Van Den Houte 4-5
Sébastien Dohet - Sébastien Scheen 1-4
Loris Léonard - Esteban Boistelle 3-2

Delphine Dieudonné - William Van Den Houte 3-2sd
Sébastien Scheen - Loris Léonard 1-2

Delphine Dieudonné - Loris Léonard 3-1

Players in the Magic Team Tournai tournament
Finally, there was another tournament in the West of Belgium on Sunday with 9 players gathering and playing in Swiss system. The reason of this extra tournament was the visit of Australia's Adrian Connolly. The ATFA President paid a visit to the local players and did really well in his games. Adrian finished the day with 2 wins and 2 losses and proved to be a great players. Vincent Coppenolle defeated Matthias Averlant in the final session to claim the title. Michaël Dupret was runner-up. It was also good to see Anthony Meireaux's debut in a tournament. Thanks to the Michaël Dupret's "Magic Team Tournai" for hosting a great event.

Final table (all Belgians unless noted):
1. Vincent Coppenolle (Templeuve)
2. Michaël Dupret (MT Tournai)
3. Matthias Averlant (Templeuve)
4. Stéphane Lambert (Yokohama)
5. Adrian Connolly (Australia/Western Flickers)
6. Didier Moons (unattached)
7. Eric Caillaux (France/Templeuve)
8. Sébastien Sorge (France/Templeuve)
9. Anthony Meireaux (Templeuve)

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