Friday, 25 October 2019

News from the UK - Results from Liverpool - Lincoln - North Wales - Derry

Several events have already been held in the UK in October and here is a brief summary of results.
Players in Liverpool
Brian Daley winner in Liverpool
The ESA tournament in Liverpool (England) had a good turnout of 8 with a group stage and more games to rank players from 1 to 8. Brian Daley was the winner with no surprise but it was nice to see Chris Bedford reaching the final for the first time. Ruby Matthews won the plate  and the was a first trophy for Raoul Newton. That was a great day of play for all.

Lincoln Flickers Round Robin
The tournament took place on October 9 during David Young's visit from Prague. David completed his UK Subaleague tour with 5 wins and only one goal conceded. He finished off with a win at Lincoln Flickers (still unbeaten) to put the icing on the cake! Jez was the only person to hold the visitor but later slipped back to fourth.

Final standings:
1. David Young
2. Andy Boyer
3. Andrew Garbutt
4. Jeremy Boothman

Players at the latest London Road tournament
London Road monthly tournament
London Road Subbuteo Club held their 35th monthly event on October 13 in Drury, North Wales. 6 players played in a league format. Brian Daley took the honors while chris bedford was runner-up.

Final table:
1. Brian Daley
2. Chris Bedford
3. Cayne Matthews
4. Ruby Matthews
5. Dave Merrilees-Kelly
6. Lucasz Whittle

The next LRSC tournament will be held on November 24. It will be the 3rd birthday of the club and their 36th Open Regional WASPA tournament. All welcome!

Martinog bradley (right) receives trophy from Lawrence Watson
Derry City Frightening Flicks 2019
Results in from this years Frightening Flicks tournament. A small crowd for this years tournament with some late drop outs, hence everyone having 3-0 against Kenny Beggs, he couldn’t make it in the end up! A league style was played with Martinog Bradley coming out the eventual winner closely followed by Donegal’s Brendan Rodgers. Great evenings craic and games.

Final table:
1. Martinog Bradley
2. Brendan Rodgers
3. Lawrence Watson
4. Oisin Mór
5. Jude Morrow

Latest gathering of the South Staffs club
50 years of flicking football at South Staffs TSC
Finally, a small word to congratulate Mike Bradbury and the South Staffs TSC for their 50 years of continuous existence. The club currently have around 15 members drawn from all over the English Midlands counties. We wish them all the best for the future!

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