Friday, 25 October 2019

Marco Bonciani wins in Firenze

Last Monday the club of Firenze held their first WASPA tournament of the season with 13 players taking part including Gabriele Allegria (from the Seagulls Viaraggio). Marco BOnciani was the only player to win his four games and he logically finished on thop of the table at the end of the evening played in Swiss System. Thanks to our italian friends for their support!

Final table:
1. Marco Bonciani
2. Davide Visani
3. Luca Pini
4. Mirko Masini
5. Tiberio Becucci
6. Emanuele Cattani
7. Matteo Cherici
8. Gabriele Casati
9. Francesco Gori
10. Stefano Barducci
11. Riccardo Ferri
12. Mirko Pasquini
13. Gabriele Allegria

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