Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Gábor Baross winner in Budapest

Last week-end Pasquale Carrassi was in Budapest and the local club of "Subbuteo Budapest" organized a small WASPA event for him. Only five players attended this tournament, everybody played against everybody in the group format before finals decided the winner and the third place.

Group stage:
1. Baross Gábor
2. Pasquale Carrassi
3. Mácsik Áron
4. Naszádi András
5. Katona Viktor

Final for third place:
Mácsik Áron-Naszádi András 1-0

Big final:
Baross Gábor-Pasquale Carrassi 2-0

Full story: https://budapestsubbuteo.blog.hu/2019/10/17/baross_gabor_gyozott_a_mini_waspa-tornan

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