Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Subbuteo action in Canada - December 2018

Two tournament have recently been held in Canada.

The Eastern Ontario Subbuteo League tournament took place on Sunday. The EOSL the longest running club in Canada. Rudy Mouw was the champion with Steve Whitehead as runner-up. Mike Whitehead was third and Mike Whiteman fourth. 4 players played and it was the club's first ever WASPA tournament.

The Toronto club had their monthly tournament earlier in December. And for the second time, Howard Christie (picture on the left) is taking home the Subbuteo Night in Canada Championship Trophy! In a thrilling 2-0 match, Howard was able to hold his ground against Peter Sexton's late game push.

Congrats to all of our Tournament participants, and thank you for everyone who tuned in to our first ever Live-Stream! This was our last tournament of 2018, but please join us again come January when we'll be streaming our first event of 2019!

Thanks to Steve Whitehead and Mike Sgro for organizing the events!

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