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News from Australia - November and December stories

Here are several stories of events held in Australia. Sorry for the delay but it seems I forgot to publish a lot of reports!

Northern Phoenix Waspa No.7
Friday 09th November 2018

The seventh Northern Phoenix Waspa took place on Friday the 09th November, 2018.

With only six players attending the event (Paul Mercer being a late withdrawal), the format for the evening involved each competitor playing against one another in a round robin/league format. All matches were played in the now popular ‘Super 20’ format were each game lasted 20 minutes (no half time break being exercised).

A feature of the evening was how close and even the competition was across all 15 games. Barring Kevin’s 2-0 victory over Beth, all the remaining games that resulted in a winner were decided by a single goal. This is without a doubt testament to how even the competition across Victoria is fast becoming with all players steadily improving the quality of their performances.

Going into the last round, the top spot was a race between Christos, Adam and Kevin – the latter two facing off in their final respective match for the evening. In an unprecedented gesture, the playing group embraced a movement endeavouring to have Kevin Grant win the tournament with chants of “#playingforkev” echoing throughout the venue. In the end, Adam took a 1-0 victory over the home town favourite however it was a last gasp goal by Christos against Beth (with 43 seconds left on the clock) that awarded the Phoenix President with his first ever Waspa victory.

All in all, the night served up some wonderful table football in an extremely fun and relaxed environment.

Western Flickers’ Pizza and Flicks

The last Western Flickers’ WASPA for the 2018 calendar year was held on Sunday 9th December. It was the now traditional pre-Xmas Pizza and Flicks at ATFA President Adrian Connolly’s residence in Williamstown.

With several players busy this close to Christmas it was contested by 6 players in two groups of three. The top two progressed to semi finals, and a 5th/6th playoff held for those eliminated.

Throughout the day the top two seeds Benny Ng and Luke Radziminski were the form players and deservedly cruised into the final. Luke was particularly impressive throughout the event with a number of goals scored on the run and a memorable chip high over Benny’s keeper in the final to take the victory 2-1 in a high quality contest.

Of equal focus in this event was the social aspect with the evening finishing with home made wood fired pizzas, home grown olives, and some home brew Pale Ale on offer too. It was a fitting end to the relaxed event.

The Western Flickers will be at Williamstown Soccer Club this Tuesday night for friendly games one last with this year with anyone interested welcome to come along. The next WASPA is planned for mid January in preparation for the AGP. Details will be announced soon.

Group 1
Benny Ng
Adrian Connolly
Anthony Madiona

Group 2
Luke Radziminski
Benjamin Ng
Jayden Truter

Benjamin Ng 1 Jayden Truter 0
Adrian Connolly 1 Benny Ng 6
Luke Radziminski 1 Benjamin Ng 0
Adrian Connolly 2 Anthony Madiona 0
Luke Radziminski 5 jayden Truter 0
Benny Ng 3 Anthony Madiona 0

Adrian Connolly 1 Luke Radziminski 4
Benny Ng 3 Benjamin Ng 1

Anthony Madiona 1 Jayden Truter 0

Luke Radziminski 2 Benny Ng 1

Sydney TFC Satellite

During the FISTF Satellite organized by Sydney TFC, the consolation event was played under WASPA banner. Tony Credentino defeated John Palamara on shot sin the final. Kostas Barbaris and Adrian grunbach were the semi-finalists.

New WASPA-Tournament in Chatswood

Hermann Kruse claim the title of the 1.Chatswood-Neighbourhood-Tournament. Oliver Ollnow, Torben Pfister and Hermann Kruse participated. All matches were very close and tough. Hermann won 1:0 vs Oliver and 1:0 vs. Torben. Oliver won the game for the 2. place 1:0 vs Torben. Though Oliver had a lot opportunities to make a goal the game ended only 1:0. Torben's top reacting goalie prevented him loosing higher.

Hermann Kruse - Oliver Ollnow 1:0
Hermann Kruse - Torben Pfister 1:0
Oliver Ollnow - Torben Pfister 1:0

1. Hermann Kruse 2:0 goals 6 points
2. Oliver Ollnow 1:1 3
3. Torben Pfister 0:2 0

Northern Falcons tournament: Oli causes an upset

Northern Falcons’ junior Oliver Ollnow caused a major surprise when he upstaged his senior clubmates to win the December 17 Christmas WASPA at the clubhouse, now dubbed ‘The Falcons’ Nest’.

While it’s true that Oli didnt win a match in normal time, he did what was necessary to take the tournament, based on a defence of steel and the capacity to work attacks with just two figures – always being willing to move the ball back rather than being boxed in.
He won his three knock-out matches on shots, showing a capacity to finish in shootouts.
The Monday night event attracted 11 players, with Johnny Ball making a welcome return after more than a year in the table football wilderness. Many thanks also to Tony Credentino and Geoff Sirmai for once again supporting our club.

Group 1 saw a pulsating first match, with Neil Brener and Oli sharing the points in a 2-2 draw. Eliot Kennedy beat Neil 2-0 and then struggled against Oli but came up with a 1-0 win.
In group 2, Hermann Kruse stole a first up win against Jonty Brener with a last gasp goal, much to the entertainment of a couple of onlookers who followed Hermann’s exploits in the tournament. Adrian Grunbach overcame Torben Pfister 1-0, Hermann beat Torben and when Adrian and Hermann drew 1-1, Adrian claimed the automatic semifinal placing.
In group 3, Steve Dettre beat Geoff Sirmai 2-1, after Geoff scored a lightning equaliser. Tony Credentino bested Johnny Ball 2-1, but not before ‘Sphere’ scored a shock first up goal.
Steve powered three past Tony in a 3-1 win, and after two scoreless draws, it was Steve and Tony who progressed to the barrage round.

Both matches went to shots, with Hermann edging Tony and Oli beatigng Steve.
Eliot was on fire in the semifinal, knocking in five unanswered goals against Hermann, while Adrian found it touch against Oli’s disciplined defence and went down 2-0 on shots.
In the final, Eliot worked hard to get around the back of Oli’s defence, creating a few opportunities, but wasting the precious chances. Oli was by no means sat back, and worked a few chances of his own.
But it then went to shots, and Oli’s two nicely chipped shots, combined with some good keepin, was enough to claim the event.

Original report from http://subbuteoaustralia.com/?p=4831&fbclid=IwAR1mWOD10AXZ0MZbmp0oFhMvZINjAeqAqU_xOPWjVkIh7nukQ6xMaHJs8Jc

2018 Christmas Binge WASPA tournament

With bellies full from Christmas and Boxing Day feasts, and with players needing to begin their preparations for the upcoming Australian Grand Prix, it was a sizeable crowd that rolled up to Bella Vista Good Games on a warm Thursday evening, with representatives from all four Sydney clubs. A last minute realisation that there was a lack of goal posts meant that only 3 of the 6 available pitches could be utilised (we live and learn!) so the 10 players were split into 3 groups, rather than the preferred Swiss System which had been planned. An unseeded draw threw up a number of interesting match ups.

In the group stage, both Hermann Kruse and Fabrizio Coco made light work of Adrian Elmer. They finished equal on points after drawing their opening game against each other, but Fabrizio finished in top spot as he hammered Adrian while Hermann could only beat Adrian comfortably. Group Two saw Oliver Ollnow continue his recent run of great results, easily topping his group which featured Dave Sultana and new Sydney TFC recruit, Leonardo Nizzoli. Meanwhile, the 4 player Group Three saw the incredibly unlucky Geoff Sirmai finish in 3rd spot, in spite of amassing 5 points in going undefeated - Both Eliot Kennedy and Steve Dettre also finished on 5 points but had better goal differences than Geoff. Daniel Sirmai was the unfortunate victim of the top 3 players' quest for better goal differences.

In the Repechage section, Adrian saw off Daniel 2-0 while Geoff had the same result against Leonardo. In the Repechage final, Adrian attacked for much of the opening phase, before Geoff came into his own in the latter stages. Neither player could, however, break the other's defense and so a 0-0 result saw the two share the consolation category.

The Barrage saw Hermann score an unexpected 2-1 victory over Eliot, though Hermann's recent form means that this probably shouldn't have been a huge surprise. meanwhile, Steve and David fought out a dogged 0-0, Steve eventually coming up trumps, 2-1, in the shootout. The Semi-final between Fabrizio and Steve was tense for the opening 5 minutes, with neither player taking the upper hand. In a flurry over the next five minutes, however, Fabrizio gained a 2-1 advantage as both goals saw excellent opportunities converted. A late 3rd goal confirmed Fabrizio's passage to the final. The father and son match-up (Hermann v Oliver) in the other semi, saw Oliver revert to the 9-1 structure which had served him well in his recent Falcons' WASPA tournament win. Hermann huffed and puffed but struggled to break down Oliver's dogged defence until later in the game. Hermann then rode out a scary stranded traveling 'keeper moment to hold on for a 1-0 victory.

The final, therefore, saw the two opening game, Group One combatants, meet up again. While they couldn't be split in their first encounter, Fabrizio had obviously warmed up by now. His two unanswered goals gave him his second tournament win for the month.

Thanks to all who turned up and enjoyed yet another hard fought, friendly bunch of games. Thanks, as ever, to our great hosts, Bella Vista Good Games. A happy new year to all with lots more table football action in store.

For more photos, go to https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.2081938548719438&type=3
For full results, go to http://subbuteoaustralia.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/2018-wss-christmas-binge-waspa.html
Original report: https://sites.google.com/view/westernsydneysubbuteo/tournaments?fbclid=IwAR1CVi0P9SnadklurFq2rqr_UeJMsBuX--qmXNktUYUbjhp5wmdjVX05bRs

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