Sunday, 27 January 2019

Brisbane Anniversary tournament

Gus the champion

Wooden spoon for Gareth
Brisbane Subbuteo club, results from the January Anniversary tournament

Gus was again unstoppable on his way to the title with his only loss coming at the hands of the Italian stallion who got a 2v1 victory, Gerry who was the reigning champion from December didn't quite have as good a time but went down honourably and Gareth, well what can we say except the start of the season was bad and went worse until a mid season coup saw the manager axed after which results improved but still the wooden spoon returned to the pie dome again!.

Final standings:
1) Gus 15 pts +11
2) Pino 12 pts +7
3) Gerry 6 pts +/- 0
4) Gareth 3 pts - 15

At the meeting it was decided on the dates for the coming year which are all on a Sunday closest to the 14th of each month and are as follows:
Feb 17
Mar 17
Apr 14
May 12
Jun 16
Jul 14
Aug 11
Sep 15
Oct 13
Nov 17
Dec 15

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