Sunday, 26 July 2015

WASPA Copa America in Budapest

The players

The top 3 of the "Copa America"
This weekend we organized a special WASPA tournament in Budapest. All the six players choosed a south american team, and we made a Copa America (Brasil – Gabor Baross, Chile – Robert Zsigri, Argentina – Zoltan Baross, Ecuador – Adrian Szaki, Mexico – Laszlo Bobak, Venezuela – Csaba Laska).

In the first round every team played with each other two times and the best four played semi final and final.

The Argentina-Brasil semi final was very exciting, because 30 second before the end Brasil lead, but Argentina could shot one goal. During the extra time the brasilian team two times shot crossbar and finally won the penalty for 5-4.

In the final, Brasil (Gabor Baross’s team) defeated Chile (Robert Zsigri) for 2-0.

The final result
1. Gabor Baross (Brasil)
2. Robert Zsigri (Chile)
3. Zoltan Baross (Argentina)
4. Adrian Szaki (Ecuador)
5. Laszlo Bobak (Mexico)
6. Csaba Laska (Venezuela)

In our blog you can find some photos and the full results of our Copa America:

(Report by Gabor Baross)