Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Report of the five WASPA tournaments held in Gillingham

The English GP in Gillingham Kent hosted 5 WASPA events on the 18th/19th July to keep the players active all through the weekend!

The Open final
In a small field of players, the Open was won by Belgium’s Ralf Gregoire from SC Eugies who beat England & Yorkshire’s Ben Staples 4-2 in the final.

The veterans final
The Veterans on the other hand had a full 16 players in an entertaining knockout! In the end it was the German, Thomas Vulpes, from TSG Rain who beat England & Yorkshire’s Tony McCann with a single goal, 1-0.

Saturday U15 final
The Under 15’s had an all-England & Kent final as Rhys Williams beat Louis Singh 4-1 whilst another Kent player, Conor Atkin won the Under 12’s WASPA final with a 1-0 victory of Wales and Cardiff Junior star, Flynn Barnes.

Sunday U15 tournament
The Sunday event was a special Junior event where 7 U12’s & U15’s players mixed together for 6 sessions of intense play. In the end it was Kent’s Thomas Lacey who lifted the trophy winning the league with Yorkshire’s Dylan Staples in 2nd and Kent’s Joshua Foreman in 3rd

(Report by Terry Arnold)

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