Friday, 3 July 2015

Monthly report of the WASPA circuit (June 2015)

Dear all,

here is the monthly report of June 2015. We had 22 regional tournaments and one tournament with the old rules this month.

WASPA rankings (june 2015) in Excel file
WASPA golden book (june 2015) in PDF file

We are still waiting results from the tournament in, Kuala Lumpur (May 2015) an,d Tolentino (Old rules, June 2015).

For the first time, a WASPA tournament was held in Brazil this month
1581 players (+16) from 39 nations are ranked. Sweden has just desappeared fromt he rankings whjile Brazil is a newcomer with 8 different players. Welcome Brazil!

This month we had tournaments for the first time in Rio (Brazil) and Verviers (Belgium).

Big action at SS Lazio in italy withthe final leg of the WASPA Lazio League 2014-2015
England (4), Belgium (4), the US (3) and Australia (3) where the most active organizers but we were happy to see action as well in Ireland, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Singapore.

Big credit to Geoffrey Marain attending three events in three different cities and winning all of them.

Good to see foreign players attending WASPA events (French, Australian and Belgian guys in Singapore, US player in England,...).

Bernard Lim and Steve Dettre were the finalists of a big tournament in Singapore!
Welcome back to Ireland after they hosted their first event of the season.

Your ideas to develop the game and the WASPA circuit are more than welcome. Will we still grow next season? Who knows?

Don't hesitate to ask for WASPA status if you are hosting some events. Just send a request to

Action in Florida (Dario Passadore and Alex Batacchi)
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Have a great day and keep on flicking!


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