Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Jayden van der Merwe wins the PFC Gold Cup

Saturday 11 July 2015, Pretoria, South Africa

The 6th event on the 2015 PFC calendar drew a field of 9 entries with each player "adopting" a nation as we attempted to relive the thrills and spills of the
recent 2015 COPA AMERICA finals. The tournament was played under round robin stage with 2 points per win & 1 point per draw awarded. In the end the honours went to Jayden van der Merwe (playing in the colours of Mexico) as he battled through to become the 2015 PFC Gold Cup winner. However, in the early stages of the tournament it was the newcomers who set the early pace when Justin Thumbran and Adam Murray somewhat surprisingly found themselves in 1st & 2nd places respectively after 4 rounds of play!
When Jayden beat Rowin Wilson by 2-0 in Match 19, he (Jayden) found himself in 2nd place behind Justin and he was now gaining momentum and established himself as favourite for taking the honours - especially after Jayden also grinded out a hard fought 1-0 win over the other serious contender of the day Bevin Reed (playing in the colours of Argentina) earlier in the day. Jayden's surge to the top took a damper as Jayden lost 1-0 to Julian van der Merwe in Match 32.
Match 17, Bevin 1-0 Julian marked Bevin's first ever triumph over Julian in a Subbuteo event, and that result ensured Bevin was suddenly in contention too.
Kegan van der Merwe saw his hopes fade after he suffered three shock 1-0 losses to Justin Thumbran, Adam Murray and Rowin Wilson - in that order. The event had 36 scheduled matches and it was in Match 35, Kegan 1-0 Jayden where a draw would have been enough for Jayden to secure the title but that result meant that Jayden and Bevin were tied on 12 points each and the event had an extra play-off final match between Bevin & Jayden. A very exciting match then played out, with Bevin having one good chance with Jayden's goalkeeper pulling of a stop to deny Bevin a certain goal! The final had to be decided on shots - with Jayden winning by 2-0 and the result saw Jayden secure his first WASPA title for 2015!

Final Classification
1st) Jayden van der Merwe (Mexico)
2nd) Bevin Reed (Argentina)
3rd) Julian van der Merwe (Paraguay)
4th) Justin Thumbran (Ecuador)
5th) Kegan van der Merwe (Bolivia)
6th) Chessray Jooste (Brazil)
7th) Adam Murray (Chile)
8th) Rowin Wilson (Colombia)
9th) Sherwin Reed (Uruguay)

Thanks to all for attending and ensuring a great day of fun and action, with 39 goals scored on the day!

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(report by Kegan vd Merwe)