Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fantastic turnout of 32 in Athens

George Papadopoulos was the big winner
Last saturday the club of Highlanders Haidari SC was happy to celebrate a fantastic come-back on the table football scene and the celebration was made by organizing a WASPA tournament. Due to the limited space, the event was limited to 32 entries (from 13 different clubs) but organizers had no pain to get a full table so that 8 groups of 4 players were played. The level was very high, probably as high as many Greek FISTF Satellites and the winner was Olympia player George Papadopoulos who defeated Vassilis Koutsompinas (Proteas) in the final. Nikos Pappas and Kostas Seses were the other semi-finalists. The general feeling after this tournament was very positive. The success was a bit unexpected but it offers great perspectives of development for WASPA events in Greece. Thanks to the Greek association and to the Highlanders Haidari for helping to organize a fantastic tournament.
Other shots of the tournament

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