Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Luca Martineli wins the Gary Wright Subbuteo Club League

The players who took part
In Italy we are used to say, "Tra i due litiganti il terzo gode", in English would sound more or less like, " Between the two litigants the third has it", that's how incredibly the season ended in Harrow where, whilst Rudi Peters and Paul Andreas were making sure to prevail each other in order to stay at the top, Luca Martinelli in the background stormed to surprise everyone and win both the usual WASPA evening tournament and the WASPA League, succeeding to Paul Andreas (reigning Champion) despite loosing to him the first match of the night (1-2). Must say, Luca deserved it as he was the best player by far. Oh well, next year (un)luckily enough he won't be taking part to it but this one goes back with him to Italy. Seven players took part at last meeting on wednesday night, Luca, Paul and Rudi were joined by Gianpaolo Vitulano (4th in the league), Paolo Barone, Gerald Brightwell and Neil Doherty, it was a very competitive evening.

Table for the night
Luca 15 pts (+6)
Gp 15 pts (+6)
Paolo 12 pts
Paul 9 pts
Rudi 7 pts
Gerry 4 pts
Neil 0 pts

Eleven meeting were played and only the 80% of the results were counted (8.8), therefore 8.

2014/15 CHAMPION: LUCA MARTINELLI 70 PTS (out of 8 scores)
RUNNER-UP: Paul Andreas 68 PTS (virtual 71 but loses 1 result (3) as he played 9 meeting)
3RD: Rudi Peterschinigg 65 PTS (Virtual 76 but played 11 meeting so loses 11 pts (4-4-3)
4th Gianpaolo Vitulano 52 pts
5th Gerald Brightwell 27 pts
6th Lee Fenton 18 pts
7th Matthias Peters and Kevin Cordell 14 pts
9th Victor Jones 13 pts
10th Jonathan Lopez Real 11 points
11 Colin Lindsey 8 pts

Also thanks to Mark Green, Neil Doherty, Paul ODR, Steve Dettre, Terry Edge, Colin Tarry, Adrian Davis, Lucio Canicchio, Elliott Bellefontaine and everyone else which at least came once to join us in this wonderful and exhausting season, hopefully i'll see most of you for the forthcoming 2015/16 back in September. WELL DONE LUCA!

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