Monday, 4 May 2015

Simone Trivelli does it again in Rome

On April 30, the 6th stage of the WASPA Lazio League was played in the premises of SS Lazio in Roma. There were 16 players competing, which is an excellent number for what was the 600th "Regional" tournament played in the WASPA circuit. Simone Trivelli ended with four wins, taking the title of the evening. The last session had a real final between Trivelli and Micael Caviglia (2-1). Patrizio Lazzaretti ended third with 9 points, just before Paolo Barone. Good performance also from Massimo De Paolis and Luigi Aniballi who ended with 7 points. The two junior players, Lorenzo Lazzaretti and Sebastian Cima, ended respectively with 6 and 4 points.

In the general ranking of the WLL, Simone Trivelli is a strong leader with 108 points but the fight for the second place is though between Patrizio Lazzaretti (86), Luigi Aniballi (84), Gianmarco Del Brocco (83) and Paolo Barone (80).