Friday, 8 May 2015

Luca Martinelli on top in Harrow

Luca Martinelli and Paul Andreas really fought to the last goal to overcome each other at Round 8 of the Harrow (WASPA) League, in the end Luca prevailed on goal difference and was the winner of the night, whilst Paul regained the lead by 2 points on Rudi at the top of League table, the success of the night means also the 4th position on the league table for Luca 1 point only behind Gianpaolo Vitulano that unfortunately couldn't make it tonight and to whom goes all our sympathy. Was a real pleasure meeting Steve Dettre that made all the way from Australia to play at the next week end Gillingham's Tournament and rightly thought to stop by, also great to see Terry Edge, can't never see enough of him and also good to see Gerald back on the pitch, a real pleasant and competitive evening in real WASPA spirit.

Thanks once again to everyone that made the effort and hopefully I'll see the most of you at Round 9.

(Report from the organizers)

Final standings:
1. Paul Andreas (CYP/Dundee United)
2. Luca Martinelli (ITA/Yorkshire Phoenix)
3. Rudi Peterschinigg (ITA/London & Essex United)
4. Gerald Brightwell (AUS/London & Essex United)
5. Steve Dettre (AUS/Northern Falcons)
6. Terry Edge (ENG/London & Essex United)

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