Monday, 25 May 2015

Exciting tournament in Budapest

Six players participated the one of the
so far most excited hungarian WASPA tournament. Gábor Baross won every matches, but it was a big fight for the second and the third places. Every players played nine matches, except Bence Dolmányos, because unfortunately he had to leave earlier. After the sixth round, László Bobák was the second, Zoltán Baross was the third and Adrián Szaki was the fourth place, but after that László Bobák lost three matches in a row. Zoltán Baross won against him, and reach the second place and in the last round Adrián Száki won too and he got the third place.

The final results:
1. Gábor Baross
2. Zoltán Baross
3. Adrián Száki
4. László Bobák
5. Csaba Laska
6. Bence Dolmányos

In the blog of Subbuteo Budapest you can find some photos and the full results of the tournament: