Monday, 18 May 2015

22 players in a tournament in Chile

Records have been broken last saturday in Valdivia where 22 players competed in the "campeonato de otoño de Subbuteo", one of the big moments of the season in the small community of Subbuteo fans in Chile. 18 players competed in the Open section while 4 players played in the junior category. Emilia López was the best junior, winning her three group games to claim the title.

Emilia Lopez was the best junior
The Open category was a bit more open with players dropped in four groups and many close games ended on draws. Among the competitors, there were three players defending the colors of Colombia, one from Ecuador and one from New Zealand, which means it was a real international event.

After the group stage, top players of each group played the semi-finals. Rafael Ardila from Colombia defeated Rodrigo Arias on shots after a draw (1-1) while Ignacio López beat Sergio Vallejos (2-1). Ignacio López was not only the organizer of the tournament as he also won the final, defeating Rafael Ardila (2-0) while Rodrigo Arias finished third and Sergio Vallejos was fourth.

The final
Congratulations to all the players involved. Pictures of the tournament say more than words to explain that the event was mainly played under a very positive and fair spirit. After all, this is how Subbuteo should always be.

Some more pictures...

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