Monday, 25 May 2015

Clifford Graaff wins in Pretoria

Saturday 23 May 2015, Pretoria, South Africa

The 2015 edition of the PFC Challenge Cup drew a field of 11 participants - the highest number of participants to date for a PFC event!
All of the top 7 ranked players in South Africa were present for the first time ever at an event in Pretoria - with Clifford Graaff (Johannesburg) and Clinton Gahwiler (Cape Town) also in attendance!
The event was played using the Swiss System, with 2 points awarded for a win and 1 point per draw.
It was the visitors who actually set the early pace with Clifford Graaff dispatching of newcomer Rowin Wilson by 2-0 in his (Clifford's) first match, followed by a 0-0 draw against PFC's Chessray Jooste in round 2 matches. Clinton Gahwiler beat another newcomer, Adam Murray by 3-0 in Round 2 matches - after he (Clinton) had drawn a bye in round 1. Chessray Jooste and Bevin Reed were the two players from PFC who constantly found themselves within the top 4 standings until round 3 - when Chessray went down 3-0 to Clinton, and Bevin succumbed to a 1-0 loss to Clifford!
This suddenly opened the way for PFC's Jayden vd Merwe to force his way into the top 4 standings, as he (Jayden) was undefeated in his previous two rounds of play. In round 4 Clifford beat Kegan vd Merwe by 1-0 to secure position 1 on the standings, but in the matchup Clinton Gahwiler (0) v (1) Jayden vd Merwe, there was plenty to play for......a win for Clinton would have placed him level on points with Clifford and thereby force the event into a final play-off match between Clifford and Clinton. However, Jayden capitalised on one defensive error from Clinton to win the match and secure second place on the day.
The day, however, belonged to Clifford Graaff as he posted 3 wins and 1 draw over the 4 rounds of play - an undefeated run, but some argue it was Clifford's inpenetrable defence which stood firm without conceding all day, that afforded him the title of 2015 PFC Challenge Cup champion!

Final Standings:
1. Clifford Graaff -> 7p
2. Jayden van der Merwe -> 6p
3. Clinton Gahwiler -> 5p
4. Chessray Jooste -> 5p
5. Bevin Reed -> 4p
6. Julian van der Merwe -> 4p
7. Adam Murray -> 4p
8. Kegan van der Merwe -> 3p
9. Justin Thumbran -> 3p
10. Sherwin Reed -> 2p
11. Rowin Wilson -> 1p

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(Report by Bevin Reed)

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