Sunday, 22 September 2013

Richard Stock wins the Worcester tournament

Here is the report from of the Worcester subbuteo tournament played under WASPA banner with the advanced rules

With a large percentage of players from the Summer Cup unable to attend, we welcomed new and old faces back to the club to compete for the Autumn Cup. 13 players attended the second tournament of season 9, with Summer Cup winner John Lauder returning to defend his title.

It appears John’s win last time caused quite a stir amongst his fellow club members in the Cardiff league, with 3 fellow Welshmen joining John to compete in the Autumn Cup. Played under the WASPA banner to the old Advanced Rules with original Subbuteo equipment, the competition was a reminder of how fun and unpredictable the original game can be to a lot of players that have just played to the FISTF rules for the past couple of years.

With many a laugh and a few shock results, the Autumn Cup proved to be yet another successful tournament held by WRP7. The teams:
Adam Lundy – Lundy Island Puffins
Adam Washbrook – team name TBC
Matthew Henry – Philyceltics
Darren Barnes – team name TBC
Richard Tubb – Harvington Sporting Atari
Peter Laver – Oldfield Park Rangers
Paul Mahoney – Worc QPR
Thomas Hawkins – Tomahawks
Bill Thomas – Brentwood
John Lauder – Barry Town Utd
Richard Stock – team name TBC
Gareth Thomas – team name TBC
Any Pyke – Pykes Pirates

Due to the odd number of contestants, the group stages were drawn as 3 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4.

Group 1
Matthew Henry 5 Pts GD +4
Adam Lundy 5 Pts GD +3
Darren Barnes 2 Pts GD -2
Adam Washbrook 0 Pts GD -5

Group 2
Peter Laver 6 Pts GD +7
Richard Tubb 4 Pts GD +5
Paul Mahoney 2 Pts GD -9

Group 3
John Lauder 6 Pts GD +4
Thomas Hawkins 4 Pts GD +1
Bill Thomas 2 Pts GD -2

Group 4
Richard Stock 6 Pts GD +4
Andy Pyke 4 Pts GD 0
Gareth Thomas 2 Pts GD -1

The Cup competition: The first 2 from each group went through to the cup competition. All names were put into a hat and redrawn for the knock out stage.
Quarter Finals
Adam Lundy 1 – 1 Andy Pyke (Adam won 2-1 on shots)
Thomas Hawkins 1 – 0 John Lauder
Richard Tubb 0 – 2 Richard Stock
Peter Laver 1 – 2 Matthew Henry

Semi finals
Adam Lundy 1 – 1 John Lauder (John won 1-0 on shots)
Richard Stock 1 – 0 Matthew Henry

John Lauder 0 – 1 Richard Stock

Plate Competition: Unfortunately Darren Barnes withdrew from the competition at this stage which meant we went straight to semi finals.
Paul Mahoney 0 – 2 Adam Washbrook
Gareth Thomas 5 – 0 Bill Thomas
Adam Washbrook 1 – 3 Gareth Thomas

Congratulations go out to Richard Stock and Gareth Thomas for winning the cup and plate respectively.

Richard Stock (right) pictured with Adam Lundy

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