Monday, 30 September 2013

More news from Germany, Portugal and Cyprus

The Starters Cup 2013 held on sunday in Kamen was very succesful and the Germans are already thinking the tournament might become an institution every year at the beginnig of the season to involve newcomers and people who come back to the game after a long period. "This could be worth a try to present the idea to other nations to copy the idea", reported Thossa Büsing.

On saturday, 10 of 12 participants plus two guests from Aachen enjoyed the warm-up with friendly matches, rules instructions, tricks & tipps, comparing the equiptment in a harmony way, ended up with a diner for all in a restaurant to (re)built (new) friendships. Four Helpers were involved to advise the competitors and act as referees. These "helpers" played additionally a seperated "cup" (1 X 15 minutes, final 2 X 15 minutes), to show the newcomers how "good" players play in a tournament. A very special thanks to Uli Euler (BSC Schwalbach) for coming to help as former and very first Starters Cup-winner in 2012.

On Day 2 (sunday) the Starters Cup took part. The "helpers" plus german Subbuteo-Legend Axel Schneider as supervisor and special guest guided and refereed the competitiors from (p.e. Hamburg & Frankfurt), through the tournament. Three non-members of DSTFB took part and two comebacker (Edin Mulasmajic & Alexander Büsing) plus all the new DSTFB-members celebrated a wonderful Subbuteo day.

It finished with a sportif and dramatically final between a newcomer and a comebacker. "Newcomer" Tom Horn from Weimar (actually Subbuteo no-man-land in the former GDR) beated the DSTFB german champion of 2005, "Comebacker" Edin Mulasmajic in the final 3-2 after sudden death.

A special thanks to Victoria Büsing. She made her very first steps as tournament manager (autodidactically) without any instruction by her Dad (who is BTW very proud on her... for this) and did very good job!

Steven Evans, Pascal Schäfer, Anja Sklorz (carer), Kevin Abeln and Fabian Mertins played their very first tournament.
And of course to the in 2013 new borned club in Kamen, SUB Kaiserau at the Bürgerhaus Methler as fantastic host event place (link: all photos of the week-end were taken by Kai Woytas
The staff of the "Helpers cup"

Celebration in Portugal

In Portugal, the first tournament under WASPA banner had a great feedback and a lot of big names taking part. We receiveed today a great souvenir of the tournament by Bruno Valente who wanted to commemorate the victory of the very talented Ruben Português.

Famagusta is spreading!

In case you missed the info, there are now three clubs in Limassol. Famagusta TFC has two "sons" called Salamis Famagusta TFC (with the Kalopsidiotis brothers) and Phoenix Famagusta TFC. We guess this will stimulate the competition in the country and hopefully attract a lot of new players.
The logo of Phoenix Famagusta

The logo of Salamis Famagusta

Kalopsidiotis brothers in front of their club logo

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