Thursday, 12 September 2013

Big efforts of promotion by TSC Black Rose '98 in Roma

A.S.D. Table Soccer Club Black Rose ’98 Roma celebrates the 15th anniversary of the foundation (dated 1st September 1998) with an extraordinary and unprecedent promotional for durability (29 consecutive days), intensity (170 hours), advertising exposure (planned and edited by Centro Commerciale ROMAEST), prestige and attendance of the friendly complex that hosts us (Centro Commerciale ROMAEST) and the importance of the partners with whom we work (AS Roma, G.E.CO Animation).
This is the 8th Black Rose promotional event since september 2012 after:
1) Campus dei Licei – Cisterna di Latina;
2) Istituto De Merode – Roma;
3) In Vino Veritas – Frosinone;
4) Frosinone Calcio – Frosinone;
5) Istituto Comprensivo Mar dei Caraibi – Ostia;
6) Sport Village For You – Porto Turistico di Roma;
7) Sport e Disabilità – Fiumicino.
A.S.D. T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma is the main partner of AS Roma Party, AS Roma official licensee, for the Subbuteo Area where the ROMAEST customers can play the “Subbuteo Training Game” designed by Andrea Strazza for A.S.D. T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma and AS Roma Party.
Untill 10th September 2013, 137 ROMAEST customers played at “Subbuteo Training Game”. Other statistics in the next update.

A.S.D. T.S.C. Black Rose ’98 Roma will publish a photographic reportage at the end of the event on its website: (URL corrected)

(article written by Enrico Guidi)
Victoria Concordia Crescit

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