Friday, 20 September 2013

Farrell is All-Ireland Champion

Mark Farrell won the All-Ireland Championships in Celbridge Mill, deposing reigning Champion, Kenny Beggs. It rounded off a successful season for Mark, having already won the Irish Circuit before today's event. The seven entrants played each other once in a League format, with the top 4 qualifying for the final phase and the bottom 3 competing for the Plate. The tournament was the first ever national cup run under WASPA banner. The results after the split were as follows:


Barry Spence 1-1 John Moore
Kenny Beggs 0-0 Mark Farrell
Barry Spence 0-2 Mark Farrell
Kenny Beggs 5-0 John Moore
Barry Spence 2-1 Kenny Beggs
John Moore 0-1 Mark Farrell

1. Mark Farrell - 7 points
2. Kenny Beggs - 4 points
3. Barry Spence - 4 points
4. John Moore - 1 points


John Hughes 0-3 Nicky Moore
Peter Morrison 2-0 John Hughes
Nicky Moore 0-0 Peter Morrison

1. Nicky Moore - 4 points
2. Peter Morrison - 4 points
3. John Hughes - 0 points

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