Friday, 13 September 2013

A tournament in Toongabbie

WASPA has just been in touch with another group of players in the Sydney area. Adrian runs a subbuteo tournament every year in september for 15 years now. As a coincidence, the date of this year's tournament clashes with the Penrith tournament as it will be held on September 14. The good thing is that Adrian and his friend might be able to attend other tournaments in Penrith or in the area in the future. Anyway, Adrian's tournament will have the WASPA status this year.

Adrian reported he has been a subbuteo fan for many years: "Subbuteo has been very quiet in Australia for a long time. I went to a tournament once as a teenager in the late 80s and there were 50 or so competitors, but there hasn't really been anything much since then! Every year around september I have a look around online to see if anything is around and was very happy to see the australian website, which has only appeared since the last tournament my friends and I had! So, I've been in contact with them and will hopefully be able to get involved."

Interested players should get in touch with Adrian at to try to arranger more games in the future!

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