Monday, 16 September 2013

First tournament of the new season in Hamilton

The first tournament of the new season in Hamilton had a fantastic turnout with 12 players and there were some regulars missing. We have some big expectations next tournament as the HSC has proven commitment now for over a year. The word is spreading and we are gathering new players to the game as well as old players who haven't played in a bit. Peter Sexton also has some great news as the numbers are getting up there and will continue to push the limits of having a rotating home based host. We now have official an official home base in The Pheasant Plucker complete with storage space to keep our gear there. Thanks to all those who came out and enjoyed a great game, great day. we got to play outside. Thanks to Chris Faille for hosting.

As for the results, it was an exciting win for Peter Sexton to start the year off strong. he beat Stephen McNab (3-0) in the final while Brodyn Sexton and Shaun Burt lost in the semis.

(report with the help of the host club)

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