Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Great success for the Lions Zante

While the records of September are almost finished, we have received great news from Greece where the Lions Zante organized their second WASPA tournament this Sunday. 16 players were present including representatives of the Roligans and Achaioi TSC.
Top 3 of the day: Foutrakis (3), Sotiropoulos (1) and Dimakeas (2)

There was a group stage and a knock-out round. In the end Manolis Sotiropoulos (Achaioi) defeated Giorgos Dimakeas (Roligans) in the final while semi-finalists were Aggelos Foutrakis (Roligans) and Christos Kalandrias (Lions Zante).

Congratuations to the organizers for a great show and thanks to the visitors from other clubs for making this event very special!

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