Tuesday, 13 October 2020

A busy period for the Roligans

Despite the hard times the players are living, the Roligans guys had a busy month of September with two tournaments run under WASPA banner but also the FISTF Major (September 12-13) played by 46 players in various categories.

Players at the Regional tournament

On September 27, the club organize a WASPA regional tournament with 9 players. The event was played in Swiss system and Evangelos Kotrotsos took the honors while Demetrios Rebis was runner-up. Chris Kotrotsos was 3rd and Georgios Dimakeas took the 4th place.

Players at the promotional tournament

Earlier in the month, the Roligans also had a WASPA promotional tournament with 9 players also. The winner was the club president Georgios dimakeas while Tasis Priftis. Evangelos Kotrotsos and Georgios Pitichoutis took the places 3 and 4.

Regional tournament table:

1. Evangelos Kotrotsos (u15)
2. Dimitrios Rebis
3. Christos Kotrotsos
4. Dimakeas Georgios
5. Stavros Messonisanakis
6. Prombonas Ioulianos
7. Foutrakis Angelos
8. Chondroudakis Fotis
9. Panagiotis Skouros (u12)

Promotional tournament table:

1. Georgios Dimakeas
2. Anastasios Priftis
3. Evangelos Kotrotsos (u15)
4. Georgios Pitichoutis
5. Kostantinos Sochoritis
6. AngelosFoutrakis
7. Nikolaos Prombonas
8. Christos Kotrotsos
9. Ioulianos Prombonas 

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