Thursday, 29 October 2020

Athanasios Karamanis wins Roligans tournament

Greece had another successful months with several events held by different clubs. One of the events was held on October 18 in Ilioupoli. The Roligans attracted a great field of 12 players and the tournament was run in Swiss system. The Winner was Athanasios Karamanis, a member of the host club. Congratulations to all involved players.

The final table:

1. Athanasios Karamanis
2. Konstantinos Sochoritis
3. Aggelos Foutrakis
4. Nikolaos Prombonas
5. Giorgos Dimakeas
6. Stavros Mesonisanakis
7. Anasthasios Priftis
8. Chris Kotrotsos
9. Fotis Hondroudakis
10. Pavlos Malindretos
11. Ioulianos Prombonas
12. Panagiotis Skouros

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