Monday, 19 October 2020

Giuseppe Tardiota and Ross McNulty winners in Australia

The six competitors in Brisbane

 Australia had two tournaments played under WASPA banner in October.

In Brisbane, six players competed in a group format. Gerry Vickers finished on top and qualified for the final but in the end, Gerry from New Zealand couldn't beat local hero Giuseppe Tardiota who won the decisive game (1-0) thanks to a goal in the sudden death. Gus Gillespie was 3rd, Gareth Whalley 4th, Wayne Miller 5th and Kevin Halliday 6th.

The Perth guys also had a tournament this week-end and the event consisted in a league format with 7 players. Ross McNulty was undefeated and won the tournament with 4 wins and 2 draws. The final standings of the tournament were as follows:

1. Ross McNulty
2. Alan Kimber
3. Brian Pearson
4. Noel Mani
5. Hugh Best
6. Chris Thorn
7. Adam Taylor

Thanks to the clubs of Perth and Brisbane for the great events. The next tournaments will be held on November 8 in Brisbane and on November 15 at the Perth club house (22 Titchborne st Cockburn). New players always welcome.

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