Thursday, 31 May 2018

Antonio Timpano wins in Auvelais

Last Friday the club of "Etoile sarthoise" was holding a tournament in their premises of Auvelais. It was a last minute tournament so there was a turnout of six players from 5 different clubs. In the end, Antonio Timpano (Seraing) finished on top with 10 points while VIncent Guyaux (Bormla) was runner-up with 8 points. Maxime Van Impe (Charleroi) took the third place thanks to more goals scored than Fabrice Guyaux (Etoile sarthoise).

Final standings:
1. Antonio Timpano
2. Vincent Guyaux
3. Maxime Vanimpe
4. Fabrice Guyaux
5. Pol Serwy
6. Richard Boulanger

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