Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Action in Belgium: Titles for Grosdent, Ceulemans, Marain and Timpano

Several events have been held in Belgium in the first half of the month. The clubs of Semois, Flanders, Templeuve and Seraing had some great days of table football with enjoyable moments for everyone.

The first event took place in Vresse on May 7 with 7 players taking part, including 5 from Wamme SC. organizer Pascal Droeven reported the great improvements of the young player Henri Grosdent and the huge potential of U12 player Maxim Grosdent. Jean grosdent won the tournament, proving he was the clear favorite of the day! There will be more action in Vresse soon.

Final standings:
1. Jean Grosdent (wam)
2. Pascal Droeven (sem)
3. Henri Grosdent (wam)
4. Giulio Bonfanti (wam)
5. Marc De Vos (sem)
6. Philippe Thys (wam)
7. Maxim Grosdent (wam)

The SC Flanders tournament had a good field of 9 players. This time there were a few surprises when Geoffrey Marain won his opening game against Vincent Coppenolle.

Marain later won two more games and was still in a position to win the tournament but he couldn't beat Jos Ceulemans in the final session. Ceulemans won the tournament with 10 points while Coppenolle was runner-up and Geert Leys took the third place.

Final standings:
1. Jos Ceulemans (fla)
2. Vincent Coppenolle (tpv)
3. Geert Leys (fla)
4. Geoffrey Marain (hen)
5. Willy De Bandt (fla)
6. Frank Lannoy (tem)
7. Danny De Greef (fla)
8. Stéphane Lambert (yok)
9. Philippe Thys (wam)

May 11 saw 10 players competing in Templeuve. Geoffrey Marain was the man to beat. The AS Hennuyer player won his four games to finish on top of the table. Stéphane Lambert was a deserved runner-up with 9 points.

There were four juniors taking part and for his very first tournament, Arthur Clique took a very promising 7th place.

Final standings:
1. Geoffrey Marain (hen)
2. Stéphane Lambert (yok)
3. Michaël Dupret (tou)
4. Vincent Coppenolle (tpv)
5. Eric Caillaux (FRA/tpv)
6. Arthur Clique (tpv)
7. Benjamin Marain (wad)
8. Jean-Luc Canfin (tou)
9. Héléna Marain (wad)
10. Soan Marain (wad)

On May 12, Seraing was holding an event with this time 8 players and a league system. After 7 sessions, Antonio Timpano was the winner with 16 points while Christophe Sabetta was runner-up.

Final standings:
1. Antonio Timpano (ser)
2. Christopher Sabetta (ser)
3. Ralf Grégoire (ser)
4. Bruno Timpano (ser)
5. Michaël Ponthieux (ser)
6. Salvatore Visconti (ver)
7. Richard Boulanger (ser)
8. Geoffrey Kelner (ser)

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