Saturday, 10 March 2018

WASPA Games during the Major of Frameries

Top 3 made of Steffen Despretz, Bruno Timpano and Frank Lannoy
During the FISTF Major of Frameries some players had the chance to play a consolation event under WASPA banner. Because the tournament had many entries, the main consolation event was restricted to 22 players. It was decided to have a frist session on 10 tables and to have then a B-category. 16 players compted for the main victory and everything was deiced int he last session when Bruno Timpano (Seraing) and Steffen Despretz (AS Hennuyer) played the final together. The game ended on a draw and Timpano took the honors thanks to the best goal-difference. Frank Lannoy (Temploux) took the third place.

The second category had 8 players playing three sessions of games. Anthony Carion (AS Hennuyer) was the only player to win his three games and therefore he was declared winner while Jody Henrioul (Eugies) was runner-up.

Final standings (Belgian unless noted):
1. Bruno Timpano
2. Steffen Despretz
3. Frank Lannoy
4t. Vincent Coppenolle
4t. Paul O'Donovan Rossa (USA)
6. Aggelos Foutrakis (Greece)
7. Bernard Offmann (France)
8. Geert Leys
9. Serafiem Kontos (Greece)
10t Gerhard Grünberg (Germany)
10t Kostas Alexiou (Greece)
12. Richard Boulanger
13. Antonio Timpano
14. Bruno Mottet
15. Sébastien Denne
16. Damien Urbain
17. Philippe Thys (*)
18. Frédéric Cyganek (*)
19. Laurent Calonne (*)
20. André Boltz (*)
21. Laurent Ausset (France)
22. Florian Renaut
(*): dropped to B-category after session 1.

Finals standings of the B-category (All Belgians):
1. Anthony Carion
2. Jody Henrioul
3. André Boltz
4. Rudi De Smet
5. Philippe Thys
6. Florent Versmissen
7. Laurent Calonne
8. Frédéric Cyganek

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