Saturday, 17 March 2018

Canberra tournament - March 2018

Four of our finest Western Flickers made the 8 hour drive to Australia’s capital to participate in the Canberra TFC WASPA #2.
It was an awesome fun evening of flicking with our Canberra hosts - Ryan Farrall and Nick Brill. CTFC pioneer Yago unfortunately could not join us due to flight issues from Sydney.
The tournament was played over 1 10 minute period in a round robin format with no draws allowed. 3 points for a win, 0 for a loss. Draws were resolved by a sudden death shootout, 2 points for winning the shootout, 1 point for losing.
Despite fading light and the attack of the killer mozzies, everyone played well and there was little to split the players. This was reflected in the tight scores with several matches requiring a shootout to determine the winner.
In the end, pre-tournament favourite Benny very narrowly won the WASPA over club mate Steve Wright by just a single point !
Most importantly everyone had a great time, new friendships formed and there were jokes and laughter all around. Table Football was the true winner !
Finally, Western Flickers TFC would like to thank CTFC for being wonderful hosts and we wish them the best of luck growing the game in our nations capital.

Results (Shootout winner indicated by an "S" after name)
Arjuna Hanafi 0-0 Ryan Farrell (S)
Benny Ng 0-0 Nick Brill (S)
Steve Wright 1-0 Tony Madiona
Ryan Farrell 0-2 Benny Ng
Nick Brill 0-1 Steve Wright
Tony Madiona 0-1 Arjuna Hanafi
Ryan Farrell 0-2 Nick Brill
Arjuna Hanafi 0-1 Benny Ng
Ryan Farrell 0-0 Tony Madiona (S)
Benny Ng 2-0 Steve Wright
Nick Brill 2-0 Tony Madiona
Steve Wright 1-0 Arjuna Hanafi
Benny Ng 1-0 Tony Madiona
Arjuna Hanafi 0-1 Nick Brill
Ryan Farrell 0-1 Steve Wight

Final Table 
Benny Ng (WTF)          13pts
Steve Wright (WTF)     12pts
Nick Brill (NFTFC)        11pts
Arjuna Hanafi (WTF)      4pts
Ryan Farrell (CTFC)       3pts
Tony Madiona (WTF)      2pts

(Report by Steve Wright)

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